Apparently it’s #NationalCoffeeDay and what a day to celebrate! Here at The Wild Letters, it’s always Coffee Day and we celebrate in abundance. Of all the travels I do, the one thing that I consistently look for, is the craft coffee in each city I visit. Recently, I was gifted a subscription to a coffee service, and, I must admit, at first, I wasn’t a fan of these at-home delivery services. I enjoy the experience of discovery and sending me new coffee felt like cheating…until the coffee arrived. My friends Vincenzo and Amy gifted me a subscription to Mistobox and instantly, I was a fan. The service you receive from Mistobox is unparalleled and the coffee options are delicious and endless. I was proud of the fact that I had either had most of the brands or heard of them. However, there were quite a few I didn’t recognize and even one I had been wanting to try.

    Seth, from Mistobox, whom I hope is a real person, sends you regular emails to inform you of your subscription and how to receive the types of coffee that fit your flavor. Signing up is incredibly easy, they guide you through the process of selecting the coffee and then Seth, the coffee god that he is, sends you an email asking you to let him know if there’s a particular brand you wanted. I had heard of Onyx Coffee, but had yet to try it. Seth had it sent to me on my second shipment. Incredible.

    I was gifted three shipments and I am now starting on the final bag, the Metric. I’m looking forward to brewing that one tomorrow morning. I’m already excited about Saturday morning coffee!

    If you’re interested, sign up here and use code KXZW for $10 off your first purchase. Happy Brewing and Happy #NationalCoffeeDay!

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