Moving to a new city can often be a bit daunting. It requires you to establish yourself in a place you’re not familiar with. It requires you to make this new place, your place. You have to find your new favorite sushi place, your favorite bar, the park where you’ll go for runs, where you’ll be doing your grocery shopping, and most importanly, your new favorite coffee shop. These are not daunting tasks by the traditional sense of the word, it’s daunting in the sense that it requires you to be dilligent in your search, it requires your one precious commodity, your time. It’s daunting because you want to make sure you’ve found the place you belong.

    One of those all imporant places you must find is a barber, or perhaps a salon. That can be a daunting task, in the traditional sense. You don’t really want to get that wrong, the consequences might be more than you’re willing to risk. Being new to Nashville, I had to find my new barber shop. The place where I would entrust my hair to someone, which is ultimately a part of our everyday lives and to someone like myself, it matters.

    I did my due dillengence, I asked my roommate Jeremiah where I should go, asked a few others, and checked the often helpful Yelp!

    But this isn’t about finding a barbershop in Nashville. It’s about the places we are drawn to.

    We are drawn to the places we belong. 

    I found a place where I belong. A place I could dive right into conversation with Nick, the master barber, a place that housed multiple 80’s and 90’s movie’s posters that brought back such incredible movies of my childhood, a place that was plastered with famous celebreties that I admire, such as Burt Reynolds, Mick Jagger, and even my all time favorite painting of Steve McQueen, who is the original man of wild stories.

    Sitting down with Nick, I discovered he was an avid outdoorsman, who loved to fly fish and has even been to Bozeman, MT to fly fish, which is where we just returned from. We shared our favorite spots in Nashville and it turns out, we have the same taste in food, music, and craft beers. It’s inspiring to me, how the universe can conspire on your behalf to provide the necessary paths that shape your experience when you allow the room.

    I am constantly open to exploring any and every experience and in that, I feel I will meet the people with the best stories, find the routes that open my eyes to see what is new around me, and to take me to where I belong. When we are open to the experience, we are drawn to where we belong.

    Like I said, this isn’t necessarily about finding a barber, it’s about finding those places along our journey that we feel a sense of belonging and holidng onto those place, and making them our spaces. We share them and occupy them, we find solace in them, we experience and begin to inhabit their story, we begin to cultivate community, which is all we’re really striving for.

    You’ll know when you’ve been drawn to the places you belong. Trust the experience.

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