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STOP meet Sam!

written by Mark Gaw October 5, 2014


Meet Ellen and Sam. The couple lives in a run down house that sits literally by the highway going through a small town called Gerton, located in the foothills of North Carolina. On my way from Fairview, NC heading to Forest City, NC, I came upon their home and noticed a large sign by the home saying, “Stop! Meet Sam!”. As I passed I saw Sam sitting on his front porch in a well worn recliner, and he gave a friendly wave. I’m thinking, “I need to turn around and meet Sam.” So I turned around, parked my car and made my way up to the house. There I spent some time chatting it up with Sam and eventually met his wife (she came outside with beer in hand). Sam considers himself to be the original hillbilly of North Carolina. Making photos of them is quite welcomed. I made several shots before hitting the road again.

Sam was born in that very house he and his wife live in. He’s lived there all his life. Ellen is from Ohio. I forget how they met. Sam’s family has owned as much as 300 acres of land in that area. He’s down to owning just nine acres now. Long ago the family sold off most of it. The area is not heavily populated. The closest grocery store is about twenty minutes away. Having no vehicle, Ellen hitch-hikes to the grocery store; to and from.

It was quite interesting and entertaining to meet the couple.

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