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The Wild Letters Playlist Vol. II

written by yarby March 3, 2015

Ralph Fletcher once said, “Imagination, a love of books, a sense of story, and ideas for how to make the writing live and breath”, were the elements of a writers toolbox. I think he forgot one essential element.


I let my friend Melissa listen to this before making it public and she said suggested I add “curator of playlists for writers” to my resume. While I don’t plan on adding that anytime soon, I do enjoy creating music that we can all work to.

The first playlist was inspired by road trips and travels and experience. This playlist will be no different, as I continue to journey about the country, but more so, I wanted a playlist that inspired us to create at our best.

So I hope you find “imagination, a sense of story, and ideas” living and breathing in the songs of Vol. II.

Whatever, just go over to sign up for a spotify account, get the free account, or sign up for the pro account (it’s the best option), and listen with us.

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