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The Wild Letters Playlist Vol. III

written by yarby August 1, 2015

We are brave. We are out here. We are fighting for our hearts, our space, our happiness, our existence. Every good battle scene in every good movie has one driving force. The score. Have you ever watched the making of movies where they show the great battle scene without the music playing in the background? It’s a bit underwhelming without the composer’s touch. But add in that ever-swelling score and you find yourself on the edge of your seat, ready to enter the fight with the actors.

I put this playlist together during a time where i’m learning to be brave, i’m fighting to become. And i’m winning the fight. And it feels damn good. I’ve listened to these songs over the past couple of weeks and they’ve inspired me. They’ve moved me. They’ve become a part of my day. They’ve made me stronger.

Wherever you are, turn this playlist on, get on the edge of your seat and enter the fight. Fight for all you are and for all you believe in.

Whatever, just go over to sign up for a spotify account, get the free account, or sign up for the pro account (it’s the best option), and listen with us.

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