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written by yarby June 27, 2015

I’m getting back on the road this week and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be traipsing aboot Vancouver for the next 10 days, which means a lot of travel time, which means I need music. NEED. So of course I spent some time in Spotify this week gathering some travel tunes. My buddy Brandon, who created a Playlist for The Wild Letters a while back, is to be thanked for the Introduction to Brave Shores and Mother Mother. And Ryan, who also gave us a Playlist, for his ever consistently delicious Good Medicine Playlist. Solid listens.

So, whatever and wherever your weekend experiences may lead, I hope these albums provide a little extra bounce in your walk. I know as I’ll be walking through airports and soaring 30k feet above you all, these albums will have me a bit more excited to be traveling again.

As always, Sign up for a spotify account, get the free account or sign up for the pro account (it’s the best option), and listen with us.

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